My Top 6 Mind Expanding Herbs

Salvia Divinorum

There are tons of powerful herbs that can improve consciousness and expand awareness. One of the most popular is Salvia Divinorum.

This specific herb is often referred to as the sage of the diviners. If you want to achieve mind expansion, Salvia is for you.

This just happens to be one of the strongest legal plants for this specific purpose. You can actually purchase Salvia legally and from a variety of sources. There are many headshops, smoke shops and online stores that sell Salvia.

You can even purchase the seeds and grow your own. So, why would anyone want to invest in Salvia?

The reasons are plentiful. This herb is capable of inducing a profound experience for the user. It is also capable of greatly enhancing awareness and mental activity.

It is also very helpful in meditation. If you smoke Salvia, there is a good chance that you’ll have crazy visions.

Of course, you need to understand that the impacts of Salvia will depend on the specific dosage you consume. With a small dosage, you’ll probably relieve your stress.

If you take a bigger dose, you can expect to experience chaos. You may even lose your bearings. Those that wish to experiment with Salvia for the first time should do so cautiously. Starting with .5 grams is generally a good idea. 200mg will be a good dosage for those that want mild results.


There is a good chance that you’ve never heard of Khat.

This flowering plant is a very potent herb. Most people will chew on the leaves to get the effects that are desired. Khat has been utilized since the 1800s. Khat gained famed after Charles Dickens experimented with it.

Most users will agree that Khat is far less intense than Salvia. Nevertheless, it is still capable of delivering a good, pleasant high.

Khat is incredibly popular among people that work hectic jobs. It has been reported that Khat is capable of delivering effects that are similar to coffee. However, there is one offset. Khat doesn’t cause any jitters.

When you consume Khat, you’ll feel more alive and alert. Your productivity will increase and you’ll develop a more positive mood. You may also experience a mild euphoria feeling. If you’re not careful with Khat, there is a chance that you’ll experience hyperactivity or even manic behavior.

Khat is banned in many countries. The ban is supported by many, because of the substance’s potential for addiction.

Some have fought the ban, while suggesting that there isn’t enough evidence to link khat with psychosis.



Most people have never heard of Rubiaceae. It might be lesser known, but the plant is still amazing in its own right. It is capable of delivering a wealth of benefits that most people will be able to appreciate. For instance, it can improve your consciousness and boost your mood.

This plant was actually tested on mice. It was determined that this plant could actually reverse memory impairment. It may also be effective as a neuroprotective agent.

It should also be known that Rubiaceae may act like an anticonvulsant.

Therefore, it may be effective for patients attempting to withdraw from alcohol.


Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is yet another herb that can enhance your consciousness. This tonic herb is known to enhance reality and spirituality. It has been used for thousands of years with impressive results. The Chinese appreciated its ability to prolong life. Hindus have also used the herb frequently.

They believe that it is helpful for opening the crown chakra. Scientific research has confirmed that the Gotu Kola actually have a profound impact on the brain.

It can increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain. It is also believed that this herb could potentially increase the user’s intelligence after long-term use.

Users have also reported experiencing increased intuitive awareness. If you want to explore your consciousness a little deeper, the Gotu Kola is definitely well worth checking out. Just be cautious, because some people are sensitive to this herb and may experience unwanted side effects.

gotu kola

African Dream Root

The African Dream Root also known as Silene Capensis can provide users with a variety of different benefits. When you research the African Dream Root you will truly understand how it gets it name. The root provides individuals with prophetic dreams.

Users that ingest this powerful root have reported experiencing extremely vivid visions during sleeping. However, these reports have only been noted when consuming lower doses.

While there have been wide reports of lucid dreams and out of body experiences there have not been any reports of hangovers or uncomfortable feelings after the effects wear off.

It should also be noted that when taking this root there is absolutely no risk of overdosing, because when consumed in large amounts this root produces a purging like effect, which will cause you to immediately vomit. In fact, two of the best things about African Dream Root are its lack of side effects and fatalities.

african dreamroot


It is the Mitragyna plant that actually produces the Kratom powder. This is a powerful and potent herb that comes from Southeast Asia. Over the years, it has been used to battle a variety of different severe and chronic pain conditions.

Throughout the years, individuals have even begun using the herb as a powerful coffee alternative, but it should be known that consuming this herb could cause a sense of euphoria.

With that being said, when taken at the proper doses it is entirely possible that Kratom can get you high.

Along with this, it has powerful properties that can increase mental activity as well as sexually activity. In terms of anti-anxiety, this plant has changed a lot of individual’s lives by boosting their sociability and eliminating their stress.

Just remember that if you do choose to take any natural painkiller or cognitive enhancement make sure that you are taking them wisely. Only take the prescribed dose and only take it in moderation, otherwise you could end up encountering some adverse side effects.

kratom leaf