Rescue Detox Review: Does This 5 Day Detox Work?

There are literally hundreds of detox products out there that claim to help you get rid of toxins so that you can pass a drug test. Well actually they don’t say that because it’s illegal, but it’s the clear implication and the entire reason people buy them.

A product I came across recently is called Rescue Detox 5 Day Detox. We sell it in the smoke shop I work in and a couple of people bought it, but then came back angry because they failed a test.

Recently we had one with a damaged box that we couldn’t really sell, so I bought it for a few dollars and decided to give it a try at home to see if it works, so that I could produce a thorough and accurate Rescue Detox review.

So does Rescue Detox work? Is it a miracle five day detox at will get you through a drug test on its own, or is it a parcel of trash?

How Your Body Does A Detox

A lot of poor products benefit from people’s ignorance around how the body can and cannot detox.

When you smoke marijuana the active ingredient THC is converted into a metabolite that is then slowly passed out of the body. The metabolites clean to cells in the body, in the bloodstream, places like that. Over time they work their way out, but it’s not a quick process.

Although most drug metabolites work their way out of your system in a few days, some drugs can last for up to a week, and marijuana especially for a heavy smoker can be traceable in your system for up to a month after you last smoked.

You can speed up this natural process slightly, but anything which claims to somehow drag all the toxins out of every corner of your body on its own in just a few days is talking rubbish, it’s impossible to do. Five days is about the minimum time you will need even for high quality product, mixed with perfect natural detoxification.

does Rescue Detox work

My Experience Testing Rescue Detox 5 Day Detox

So anyway, I decided to do a five day detox for this review of Rescue Detox. It all looks cool, the box is high quality, the instructions seem simple, and I was very careful to follow the Rescue Detox instructions closely to make sure this review is accurate.

The manufacturers says that you shouldn’t smoke, drink as much water as possible, you must eat healthily and exercise every single day. This is the same as any detox, it’s what you would do naturally anyway.

And its obviously just common sense to not put more toxins in your body when you’re trying to get rid of them to pass a drug test.

I was really quite intrigued because the company described the product as “The rescue five day permanent detox is one of the most complex and advanced detoxification products ever created in a lab”. It sounds awesome, and almost like it’s been created by scientists, so I could hardly wait.

So anyway, I followed the five day process, where you basically take four different types of pills at certain times a day, in addition to 8 super strength ICE capsules.

You meant to take these at the end of the five days give your body a final clear out.

Anyway, drumroll. I don’t think you’ll be surprised to find that I failed. It claims to be for moderate smokers and those less than 200lbs, which just about describes me, but I hadn’t smoked and I followed all the natural detox routines for seven days in total.

Rescue Detox Review  РDoes It Work?

Well, for me it didn’t. And for those guys coming back into the smoke shop didn’t either.

Looking at Amazon reviews, Rescue Detox has got a huge amount of complaints on there as well. Out of 116 Rescue Detox reviews, 58% of them are just one star. To be fair, 30% are five-star reviews, but looking at those five-star reviews, a lot are incredibly suspicious.

They read like the type of reviews that people write when have been paid to write them for a few dollars a piece on a freelancing website.

It doesn’t matter how many different types of pills there are, what the packaging looks like, for the price of $25 you are just not going to get the high quality ingredients that are required to speed up the bodies well-established natural detox routines.

Rescue Detox 5 Day Detox

Detox Products That Actually Work

If you are looking for a detox pill that really works then the only one I’ve ever found to recommend 100% is called Toxin Rid.

It’s not cheap, anything between 50 and a hundred dollars or more depending on the length the course you take. They offer Toxin Rid in course durations from one day through to 10 days, with the longer duration costing more money, but working better.

At the end of the day, the more time you have the more chance you have got. If you can get Toxin Rid, and have five days or more, then you stand a great chance of passing a drug test.

If you’re really desperate you can use a detox drink to mask the toxins on the day of the test, but I would only recommend you use a high quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean.

Even if you are using Toxin Rid, I would still recommend that you use a detox drink on the morning of the test just to make sure, an insurance policy.

I certainly cannot recommend Rescue Detox in this review, it didn’t work, nobody seems to genuinely say it does work. It is dirt cheap, and all you have to do is go online and compare it to the reviews and feedback for Toxin Rid to work out what’s going on here.

Products that genuinely get rid of drug toxins at a faster rate than the body can do itself, or detox drinks that mask the toxins for a few hours properly, costs decent money.

You can’t cut corners on this stuff, especially when your job or freedom is at stake.