Annie Owens | Fine Art

“Motherland,” Annie Owens latest body of work is inspired by the nagging desire to connect with her roots and the various encounters along the way. Here represented, are pictorial encounters with a great aunt’s hair exaggerated by the passing of time, the daily sarcastic mocking of crows, a wary seamstress or the excavations into humid southern origins. An affinity for old creaky houses stems from an early admiration of the stylings of Edward Gorey, Charles Addams and early Tim Burton animations. The nurturing mother is symbolized by the figure of a house, a thread which runs rampant in much of Annie’s work where the house is often shown as the iconic figure and not as background and often depicted floating through the air, ragged roots trailing behind. This is evident in the series “Dear Dario,” a tribute to Dario Argento’s film trilogy which loosely represents the Three Mothers otherwise known as the three graces or three evil witches: “Mother of Tears”, “Mother of Sighs” and “Mother of Shadows”.

Accompanying the paintings are “Dreams in the Witch House”, two 2 – 3 ft tall “floating” suspended houses built from balsa, paper and wood. These houses are named after the Lovecraft short story and are also the result of Annie’s obsession with houses. They are painted entirely black, inspired by black and stifling colonial houses in Salem. Architecturally inspired by the shotgun house style whose origins began Haiti.

Annie is also co-founder of Hi-Fructose art magazine. Born in Alabama and raised between the Philippines and San Francisco she studied film production before a divergent path came to rest in publishing and art. Annie lives in Richmond, California with her partner-in-crime-husband, Attaboy.